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people, girls, women-2557396.jpgBy: Kayla McDonald 

Surveys are an easy way for you to make money.  

We’re all consumers who go shopping for information, products and services to fit our daily lives. The businesses who create our favorite things to buy need customer feedback to sale their best stuff! Market research companies step in as a third party in an effort to connect the dots between buyers and sellers. Together programs are made to organize customer feedback and share it with the companies who need it most.

 Market research is often formed as reward programs that give cashback, points and more for repeat customers or referral business. Companies are very interested in the opinion of potential customers. Here’s how it works: They partner with research firms to learn how consumer’s feel about their product or service. By doing so, companies figure out what types of people buy. 

The process is simple. For example, Company A. has a new product idea, so they hire a market research firm to ask large groups of people how they like it. The market research company has a collection of questions they ask to narrow down what clients prefer Brand X. The Market Research firm handles recruiting and paying qualified participants to collect this data through clinical trials, focus groups, paid surveys and mystery shopping.

 You can earn thousands of points and thousands dollars by participating in clinical trials, focus groups, paid surveys and becoming a mystery shopper. There’s no limit on how much money you can earn money form home!  Companies will always be interested in your opinion because they need  customers. Opinion Profit Club shares legit jobs and ways for you to make money from home. We’re different from the marketing gurus who only push get rich quick schemes.  

Did you have an aha moment? 

Post your questions and comments below. Feel free to let us know your experience with sharing your opinion participating in clinical trials, focus groups, paid surveys and mystery shopping.

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