How to Earn Cash with Market Research

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By: Kayla McDonald 

During your time on the internet, you’ve probably noticed online invitations to complete surveys. It’s true many companies will pay you to share your opinions! To do so, this may involve: participation in focus groups, testing new products/services, watching new commercials, TV shows or movies trailers, taking online surveys and more! 

It’s been about 15 years since I started participating in paid market research studies. My first experience was joining a focus group. I discovered the opportunity by responding to a print advertisement. The Ad itself was pretty generic. It said to make X amount of money call their phone number.

When I called the number, it turned out to be a local market research firm. Honestly I was skeptical because I wasn’t familiar with market research. So I began asking the phone rep questions, like what type of company it was and why they were paying research participants. In short, she explained that national brands paid their company to get information about consumer’s habits and opinions. During that conversation, she asked me a few questions about my age, location, race and income then said I qualified for the next phase and that I would be paid for participating in a hour session with others at their physical location. 

Afterwards I went to the scheduled appointment and was paid cash! Since then, I’ve been rewarded for testing new products/services, watching new commercials, TV shows, movies trailers, other focus groups and taking online surveys! By doing so, I have earned points, savings, checks and cash. My highest pay was $600 from a week long focus group study. Next was earning $175 cash for a 2 hour focus group. The third highest was earning nearly $200 cash from home for a long term media study. 

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